We seek to provide services that facilitate the empowerment and support of peoples living in emerging or struggling nations. These services may range from:

  • creating country reports on an African nation for potential investors
  • redesigning an organization’s website
  • creating a film documentary to attract tourism to an area
  • researching capacity-building tools

These are just a few examples and we are open to any projects you may have for us. There are some restrictions on our services and specifically we will not fundraise or market for an organization since this may compromise Emory University.  However, we can help you prepare presentations and reports that present truthful and accurate statements about your organizations regardless of the purpose.

When a project is delegated to us, we assign two Engagement Managers (experienced SCEEN members) who will discuss the expectations of the organization concerning the project. Working closely with the organization, they will decompose the project, assign intermediate deadlines, discuss the expectations for the intermediate and final products, and arrange a schedule of feedback. Once all of this has been settled, they will recruit the necessary students and notify the organization of the start of the project. The project with your organizations has only been provisionally accepted until all students have been recruited.