The New York-based advisory firm disseminates detailed information on country risk for investors, underscoring objective, nontraditional measures of risk rather than analysis limited to traditional macroeconomic indicators. While their database contains 83 nations, it does not have a significant representation of less developed nations. The firm would like to include them to highlight the efforts that these countries are making to adhere to international standards, encouraging continued improvement and private sector involvement in the processes.

Contact with Estandards: Matt Zimmer

Projects Completed with Estandards: 

  • Uganda Healthcare Assessment
  • Senegal Country Report
  • Mali Human Capital Report
  • Mali Small and Medium Enterprise Report


Contact with Orbis:  Jack Hazerjian

Orbis International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to blindness prevention and treatment in developing nations. In order to achieve this goal Orbis establishes long-term, sustainable eye-care services in countries of need. Orbis also brings this cares to people around the world with their Flying Eye Hospital. This aircraft is a fully functioning facility used for teaching and operation purposes. The plane houses doctors, nurses and technicans making eye care and surgery possible for many living in poverty.

Projects Completed with Orbis

  • Clinic Capacity Assessment Tool
    • Feedback: "My colleagues here at ORBIS and I are very much impressed with your diligence and your success in ferreting out a range of resources for our consideration. As well, we are thankful for your assessment of the value that each of the fourteen tools may bring to the work of ORBIS in strengthening the institutional capacity of its eye health program expression of my sincere gratitude for all the efforts of you and your colleagues at Emory University. I do believe that your support truly enhances ORBIS’s efforts to strengthen the capacity of its long-term, eye health partners to fight blindness in the world. Your work shall help us help others in ways that are profound and long-term."

      --Jack Hazerjian


Contact with Malaria Foundation International: Mary Galinski

The Malaria Foundation International (MFI)is a leading organization in malaria prevention, awareness, and control.  The foundation’s goals include supporting awareness, education, training, research and leadership programs for immediate and long term development and application of tools to combat malaria.

Projects Completed with Malaria Foundation International

  • Official Redevelopment of the MFI Website
  • Researching for the 2008 MFI Awards


Contact with WaterPartners International: Nicole Wickenhauser

WaterPartners was founded in 1990 to address water crises in countries with inadequate or unsanitary water supplies. The organizations first project was in Honduras and this NGO partners with organizations based in the developing world to build water related infrastructure and solve water-related health and hygiene problems. The program employs native volunteers and currently has projects in Bangladesh, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Guatemala, India, Kenya, and the Phillippines.

Projects Completed with WaterPartners International:

  • Updating and creating country pages for their website


Contact with the Emory Development Institute: Sam Cherribi

Working in partnership with faculty and other units across the university, EDI offers courses on development scholarship and project planning, sponsors field trips and research, and works with partner organizations in government, business, and the field of sustainable economic, cultural, and social development. eStandards Forum is a major component of EDI, and together we promote transparency, accountability, institutional infrastructure, and capacity building so that private and public sector investment in these countries will be more effective. EDI also works with important Atlanta- based institutions including CARE, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Carter Center.

Projects Completed with the Emory Development Institute

  • Preparing reports for the Sullivan Summit on Microfinance and Governance
  • Working logistically to ensure the successful deroulement of the conference