Georgia Epsilon Chapter at Emory University

Forty-Five years after Emory was founded as a Methodist Church in Oxford, GA, Walter R. Brown founded the Georgia Epsilon Chapter at Emory in the fall of 1881.  Since that fall, more than 2000 freshmen have entered into Sigma Alpha Epsilon and left as True Gentleman.

Today SAE has 41 active brothers involved in a wide range of activities on the Emory Campus and represent Sigma Alpha Epsilon as its founders had envisioned.
Politicians, businessmen, lawyers, a professional athlete, a sports broadcaster, and many other successful men have all gone through Emory and Sigma Alpha Epsilon and spread and practiced those values of honor, loyalty, leadership, and service instilled in them during their time as brothers of the Georgia Epsilon Chapter. 

Currently, Brothers are a part of the Student Programming Council, national and local Honor Societies, Emory Scholars, Deans List, University Chorus, Volunteer Emory, Theater Emory, Inter Fraternity Council, club sports, and intramurals.  Brothers have studied abroad all over the world, including Austria, Italy, Spain, and South America.  Brothers have been selected Academic All-Americans, All-Americans, have won Division III National Championships, and one has been drafted by a Major League Baseball team.

Our rich tradition of True Gentleman values in its members rooted by Walter Brown have continued for the last 124 years and will continue in the future.


18 Fraternity Row

Built originally in 1928, the SAE house on 18 Fraternity row has gone under many renovations. The original house consisted of just the front frame, containing the formal room, the "front hall" and the Chapter room. An addition was put onto the house in 1958. This addition completed the house itself, adding the dining room and the "back hall." The fraternity's pool, one of few in the country, was built in the 1970s by brothers then in the house. The most recent renovation of the house was completed in 1997. Currently 30 brothers call 18 Fraternity Row home.



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