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WMRE Advertising Rates

For: Students, Bands, On-Campus Groups, Faculty

WMRE is now offering free advertisements for all on-campus and faculty events. Want to plug your information session? Bring your new club some much needed buzz? Worried about the spread of an avian flu epidemic? Please get in touch with us and take advantage of this opportunity!


Audio Commercials

One audio commercial to be played on the air once per hour. Approximate length: 30 seconds. Organization must submit either an audio file in a common music format such as mp3 or wav or a script to be recorded and played on air by a DJ.


Slide Advertisements

A single 8" x 10.5" slide to be played on the dedicated WMRE television channel, a public access channel available to anyone living in university housing. The slide will also show on WMRE's web feed. Slides are visible while WMRE is off-air (ie no scheduled DJ in the studio). Slide(s) will be in a rotation with other slides and will show multiple times every hour, for at least 5 seconds.



Advertise in the Quarterly WMRE magazine, "Frequency." Our official magazine contains music reviews, articles, and social commentary. 1,000 copies of "Frequency" are distributed around the Emory campus. Prices are subject to change as a result of a format change or printing costs.



We retain the right to reject any advertiser or advertisement at our own discretion.

Contact Business Manager Justin Soleimani for more information.