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Welcome To EUGHO!

What is EUGHO??

Formerly EUSIGH (Emory Undergraduate Students Interested in Global Health), EUGHO (Emory Undergraduate Global Health Organization) serves to provide information and opportunities for student action concerning international health issues. This is not just an organization for those minoring in global health, but one in which anyone interested in all aspects of global health can join and hopefully learn and grow in his/her understanding of world health issues. We also try to enlighten students on the myriad graduate opportunities in the field of global health that reach beyond the obvious public health school options.


Great! So what do you do??

EUGHO will be participating in volunteer opportunities both on and off campus with EGHO, our graduate school global health organization. These will include activities such as quilt on the quad, world AIDS day, Medshare International, various health walks, and educational trips to centers such as the CDC and the Carter Center.


How can I get involved??

Come to our meetings!! Check the conference, Blackboard or Emory Announcements for General Body Meeting announcements. Feel free to email the officers with any suggestions/questions. Your impact is what makes this organization grow!